Dale’s Pastries

Hi there! Dale here. 🙂

And this is my trial store!

If you’re looking to order some baked stuff, simply fill in the form below and click Submit. But since this is merely a trial, expect that there are limitations to it. Here are some guidelines:

  • Ordering is limited to people I and my mother know from our individual offices. Special consideration for family friends. This is because we don’t have a delivery service.
  • Delivery dates should be limited to weekdays. If I can’t meet your specified date, I will contact you. Delivery on weekends will need to be discussed with me.
  • The product list is limited. If it’s not there, then I won’t be making it. But I will try to add more stuff over time.
  • You can only order up to 3 different items at a time.

Dale's Pastries

*Logo courtesy of my friend Jerome


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