Sourdough Project: Day 1

Hi there. So this is an update on my Sourdough Starter after the first 24 hours. If you remember, I started my starter (is that considered redundant?) as part of my Sourdough Project: Day 0 post.

And this is what’s happened so far:

  • About 14 hours after making my starter, I tried mixing my starter around to get some oxygen in there. But remember how I said that it was to dry? Well, it being dry made it really hard to mix. It’s not dry-dry meaning that there are traces of dry flour, but dry in the really-tough-dough kind of way, so I added 2 tablespoons of distilled drinking water to wet it a bit. When it was more pliant, I mixed the dough a bit.
I added a bit of water to wet my dough

I added a bit of water to wet my dough

  • At the 24 hour mark, I prepared another batch of dough (of the correct proportions this time) same as the one I started with and mixed that in with the original batch to feed my tiny population of wild yeast. Again, I left the sourdough starter on the kitchen counter in preparation for the next 24 hours.
Fed and ready for Day 2

Fed and ready for Day 2

At this point you’ll probably find it hard to notice “signs of life” in your starter. That’s because the yeast population isn’t strong enough yet to produce any measurable signs of metabolizing the starches in the dough. But don’t lose faith. You’ll probably have more luck seeing signs during Day 2. One way though that I could tell that mine was coming alive was by the faint smell of alcohol. Yeasts are responsible for turning barley to beer, and grape juice to wine by digesting sugars. Similarly, the yeasts in your starter should turn the flour sugars into alcohol, albeit at a smaller pace at this point.

At the Day 1 marker, even if you can’t smell even a trace of alcohol, just be patient. Day 2 might prove to be more exciting. 🙂


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