The Force (FX) is Strong

Hi there! I’ve been away for some time, and since I am a nice guy, my first post will be dedicated to bragging. Haha!

Well, not just to brag, but also to establish my geek status. 🙂

First, I’d like to state that I am an average fan of the Star Wars movies. What exactly does that mean? It means that yes, I enjoyed the films and will watch them over and over, and yes, the sci-fi elements have my toes curling in delight. However, no, I do not know all the characters, much less who mentored who and from which planets they came from. Most importantly, yes, I do in fact want my own Lightsaber.

So. I. Got. One. Lightsaber, that is.


I found this beauty in an online store about 3 years ago, but never really had the opportunity to get one for myself. But the Fates have been kind this year. My brother (God bless him) took a quick trip to the US last month and managed to acquire for me one Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Force FX Lightsaber. Merci beaucoup mon frere.



This amazing collectible is made by Hasbro. The blade lights up from the handle up, and powers down in reverse, accompanied by sound effects similar to the ones in the movies. It also has an idle buzzing sound, and sounds for when the Lightsaber is moving and hitting other objects. It’s got a bit of weight on it so it’s great to hold. The blade is detachable from the sturdy handle, which allows the handle to be carried using a belt clip. It even comes with a display mount. How cool is that?!

The Force is strong... in the batteries

The Force is strong… in the batteries

It’s not exactly cheap, selling at around USD 130 in Amazon, so it’s nice that my brother helped me save on the shipping costs. Still, despite the fact that my Lightsaber won’t be cutting through anything ever, it feels great to own one.


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