Mat Kearney

Just last week, I realized that I’ve been playing my work music playlist for the hundredth time and it seriously got old. So I turned to YouTube for some new songs. But since I can’t just randomly click on any music video, I chose to look for Daniel Powter songs and playlists. I expected to find just his songs on the playlists, but that particular playlist also included songs from an artist I have never heard of before. Despite not knowing the artist, it seems his music is the type that clicked with me immediately – at the very first note. Eventually I found myself listening to his songs more than Daniel’s. (I’m sorry Mr. Powter, it’s not your music, it’s me…)

Anyway, his name is Mat Kearney and his music is wonderful. His music is mostly acoustic, some songs even incorporating rap, and his themes are spiritual or personal reflections or people’s lives in general. It’s worth taking the time to really understand his lyrics. Obviously I’m no expert in music with my “review” but if I managed to interest you even just a little bit, follow the link below to a sample playlist of his music. Listen and enjoy. 🙂

Mat Kearney Playlist


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