Uber Origami

I love my new origami book! It’s called Uber Origami by Duy Nguyen given to me by my very good friend Jerome. I managed to browse it before the New Year and now it’s my goal to complete at least half of the projects this year. I’m looking forward to it as many of the figures in the book I’ve never even seen before. Some of the figures appear to be high in the difficulty scale, so I can challenge myself some.

The book answers the most basic questions in origami:

  • What type of paper do I use?
  • What are the basic folds?
  • How do I go about understanding and following the instructions?

The instructions are direct and fairly easy to follow. For beginners, or even those with some experience, it is best to read the book from the start to acquaint yourself with paper selection and folds (basic and origami bases). There are more than 5 origami bases to learn, some of which I have never used before. A collection of really simple figures can be found in the first section so beginners can start small and build confidence and skill as they go through the book.  The other notable thing is that the figures are not limited to square pieces of paper as the starting point. Some of the figures start from varying dimensions of rectangles (including paper bills) and triangles. The book is well illustrated and does not hold back on the color palette making it easy to read or to simply browse through.

I recommend this book for all origami enthusiasts. It doesn’t mater what level you are in, this book will be a good resource for you, and may even start you off on creating your own figures. 🙂


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