Weekend Baking I

It’s a weekend again! That means that I, once again, have time to try new recipes or to bake old favorites. Earlier this evening I already managed to turn out a couple of my Blueberry Cheesecakes, which my mom has been selling in her office since before Christmas. I didn’t imagine that it would become such a hit, but it is, so I am gonna be busy in the next couple of weeks filling up remaining orders.

Also, while I was in the office today, I gave out some post-holiday cookies to my office friends. I used the PBCCCC recipe, but instead of baking the whole thing in a dish, I made cookies out of the dough. Now three of my friends are asking me to bake batches for them, one of them even suggesting that I make a chocolate cookie with nuts/white chocolate chips version. So this weekend I’ll be searching for new cookie recipes, or I may simply take out my thinking cap and modify some tried and tested recipes.

Cool your cookie cake on the pan, or use a cooling rack

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Last that I’ll be trying this weekend is to make cream puff for the first time. I am excited! I’ll be trying out the pâté a choux recipe from one of my newer books on baking, and the filling from this cream puff recipe. The best part for me is that I will finally have a reason to buy piping bags and tips. Sweet!

Dust the filled cream puffs with icing sugar for a polished look

Cream Puff

So I have my weekend baking plans all laid out. Wish me luck. And I hope you have an activity-filled weekend yourselves. 😀


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