Back to Work!

So far, two-thirds of my life has been spent attending school. Immediately after graduating college I took my first job, and have been there for nearly 3 years. Life has been stressful for as long as I can remember. So I always look forward to my Days of Slumber, which are in fact any consecutive days when I can just stay under the covers spending my time idly, preferably in Snoozeland.

Well, the grandest Days of Slumber in the year are over (aka the holiday season), and it’s time to get my ass off the bed and into the office. Mind you, I like my job—it’s challenging and mind-boggling, entertaining at times, dramatic often, and at one point or another, turns into a musical variety show (which is mostly in my head). But it’s just so hard to rev up my engines once I’ve been lethargic for so long. Imagine a zombie which just happens to have enough brain power to check emails and stare knowingly at the computer screen.

It’s usually easy at the start of every year as most of us in the office are well-rested, aglow with the remainder of the holiday cheer, and more importantly, the year’s goals have not been set. Well not this year. On my first day back I had to finish a report from last year. The following day I had to plan my project implementation for the entire year, which by the way starts next week! The day after that a group meeting to coordinate team projects….. you get my drift. By the middle of the week I have a full-blown sore throat which keeps me awake at night and a mild cold from the sudden cold weather.


So it was such a relief when my computer beeped this afternoon, signalling the end of the work week. Finally, two Days of Slumber ahead. Sweet freedom!! But hey, I guess I’ll have to do some brain exercises this weekend. The office would be a much nicer place with one less zombie walking around aimlessly next week.


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