I love presents! I mean, who doesn’t, right? It’s one of the reasons I look forward to Christmas every year. And I am incredibly happy with the presents I found in my stocking this year. So much so that I am sharing them with you (in the informing sense of the word, haha).

This is from a very good friend (we’ve known each other for more than 10 years now). She is also one half of a duo that finds new recipes for me to try. She obviously knows that I prefer baking over other cooking methods, even for main course dishes.

This one’s from my “big brother” in the office and his lovely girl. It certainly appealed to the nerdy tinkerer in me.

Every kitchen adventurer needs water/air tight containers. Got these through a Secret Santa thing at the office, care of a co-worker friend whom I’ve known since college. I blurred the brand a little because I am not advertising here. 🙂

The newest addition to my collection of Jamie Oliver’s books. Brilliant stuff. Got it from my wonderful mom who knew exactly what gift to get me! (Not only did I give her the title, but I led her to the specific bookshelf in the specific bookstore where this is available. LOL)

My gifts all together. Lovely!

Thanks to my wonderful family and friends for these amazing gifts. Now to complete my Christmas gift shopping. I know it’s horribly late, as I’m not really a prompt person, but giving IS better than receiving despite missing the holiday deadline. Cheers everyone!


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