Wisdom Teeth and Christmas Dinner

Every year just before the holidays there is one question on many people’s minds: How do I NOT gain weight over the season? There are in fact several techniques. Some people like to double their time in the gym to pre-empt the food consumption, some retain a regular morning jog schedule, and even more like to wing it, like me. But this year, I tried something unorthodox to curb my eating habits–I got two of my wisdom teeth pulled three days before the holidays!

Okay, so the holiday dieting thing is a joke. But getting my teeth pulled is no joking matter. Two and a half hours of alternating drilling and tooth pulling is NOT FUN. I had to have two pulled out because the doctor thinks that they may be causing my jaw to lock and my TMJ (temporomandibular joint) to swell, and that in itself is painful enough. As a result, my food intake is limited to soft foods, soups and a whole lot of fluids. The only upside is I am forced to eat ice cream. Woot! Unfortunately the ice cream diet got old for me really quickly.

So despite the discomfort (which was markedly lessened by mefenamic acid tabs), I was able to get through cooking Christmas dinner, and even managed to chow down slightly chewy food items. All in all, a fairly nice Christmas eve for this foodie. Now back to counting the days to when I get the other two wisdom teeth pulled. Brrr.


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